Background images and newsletter email html rendering

    • Piers Allbrook
    • October 2nd, 2013

    Google forms (NOT SPREADSHEETS) birthdate entry in most of the world is dd/MM/yyyy and if my form is to have any validity this must be the format (a workaround would be yyy/MM/dd). But there seems to be no way of forcing google forms to accept these formats. Google spreadsheets OK as someone is awake.

    HOW DO I MAKE THE INPUT FROM GOOGLE FORMS dd/MM/yyyy without some programming knowledge and BIRTHDATES ARE IMPORTANT TO GET RIGHT!

    I first met this broblem 4 years ago and gave up on google forms: it seems this is still a BIG problem.

    • Currently, there’s no way in the form builder to reformat dates in the manner described. However, as a workaround, it is possible to use a script to both copy the values of the date field’s inputs to a (preferably hidden) text box and convert the date to the Google Calendar format. However, since this solution would use a script, it would require embedding a copy of the form’s full source into a web page and adding the script to the said page.

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