Downloading files with jQuery

Hello all,

I would like to suggest you this article, it explain how to create a “trigger” download with jQuery, it actually doesn’t use ajax but temporary forms but it’s ok.

To sum up we have the PHP part (not mentioned in the article):

and a Javascript part:

that is triggered with

NOTE: Be aware of the splitter char ” = “, because if you are trying to generate something with ” = ” chars inside the script will not work, then replace:


And that’s all for today


HTML5 Geolocation not working on Android

Keep your cool!
You don’t understand why but geolocation on google maps (opened with android stock browser or chrome) don’t works and you need it for a web app! why?!

Try this fiddle:

It doesn’t work right?
Ok now comes the magic:

  1. Enable GPS
  2. Restart your phone

It works now, right?
Something must be broken with the gps, if you notice closely when you activate your gps no icons popped up in the top left corner, but after a restart it immediatly appeared.

Uncaught Error: INDEX_SIZE_ERR: DOM Exception 1 on Canvas

Hello all,
I bet you’re developing some HTML Canvas on mobile, and i bet you can’t understand why the default android browser can’t load your canvas even if Chrome and buddies returns no errors.
I bet you’re drawing some images (yeah of course you’re using your canvas for it) and i bet a beer that your problem is here:

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HTML5 audio / js not working on IE Mobile (Lumia, Windows Phone) – Error: Audio playblack was aborted

Oh Jesus, we have to deal with IE again and now its mobile version.
There are 2 major causes for IE mobile and HTML5 standard audio not working.

First : the file

Check out w3schools


Second: “raise suspance…… drums…. AUDIO FILES HOSTED ON HTTPS FAILS!”

Exactly, IE10 Mobile at the moment could not play audio files (standard html or from javascript) via https!
Just put those files on an http (if you can) and rejoice.

jQuery $(selector).click() not working on mobile devices fix

Sometimes it happens that

don’t works as expected on mobiles, just use

instead of the click and the job is done :3

SSH/GIT authentication cheatsheet for dummies

Since i’m often an airhead here is my cheatsheet:

Yeah i know i seem stupid to keep a note here for these lines but i’m done forgetting this simple stuff >.<

Autoclosing on screen keyboard after clicking return on mobile devices

Hello visitors!
Today i was developing a standard ajax form for a mobile web app and i noticed that the nasty on screen keyboard doesn’t close after pressing the “return” button and it still send the request.

So the deal is “how to close the ipad (or whatsoever) keyboard after pressing the device button” while knowing that web pages could rarely affect the device behavior?

Ipad on screen keyboard image

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Fast javascript play sound code

Out of time! deadline approches!
Need to play a sound in javascript!
Jonny helps:

And there was (no more) silence!


Body change size due to on screen keyboard after javascript form submit on mobile devices (ipad)

Hi all,
Today i encountered a strange issue, after opening  the on screen keyboard, filling a form and sending it with the keyboard (via javascript which involves no page reloads), the body kept the size of the page plus the size of the keyboard, totally unexpected.
I found a nice hack to avoid the issue and since it works flawlessy it’s worth an article:

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Zoomsaic JS – jQuery zoom + mosaic effect plugin

Hello all,
Since i’ve released today my very first jQuery plugin i thougth it would be nice to commemorate the fact on the blog :P
Zoomsaic (oh god, i’m not good at naming things) is a lightweight library to create some fancy effects that i had to create for a project and, since it turned out to be nice, i decided to share it.

I actually made a demo shows a plain version of the plugin, you could do a lot, lot more which a bit of creativity, you could create really some great galleries.
Here are the links then:



Feel free to contribute as you please and contact me if you actually end up using it on a project, i would be glad to hear that :)

P.S.: It’s completly mobile friendly :)